For Everyone

Poverty and Social Exclusion

Alliance is committed to tackling poverty and social exclusion, protecting families and the most vulnerable within our society. We find it unacceptable that Northern Ireland is dogged by particularly high levels of deprivation, poverty and inequality. If the correct policies are not put in place to counter-act the current financial climate, this will continue.

A truly shared society requires us to tackle all forms of division and this requires addressing social and economic inequality. This must start at a young age - if we do not help children early enough then it is much harder to break down barriers later on.

Our proposals for tackling poverty and social exclusion include:

Finally, Alliance acknowledges the need to ensure parity between the UK and Northern Irish welfare regimes. We will maintain the principle of parity when implementing the Welfare Reform Bill - failure to do so would see Northern Ireland unable to pay its welfare costs. However, we will concentrate our welfare efforts on breaking down the barriers to work for the unemployed.