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The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's cross-community party – Together, we're stronger


Education and skills

Education is a key investment for society as a whole and for the economy in the future. Improving schools will allow us to tackle a divided society and create a prosperous economy. As a result, it is vital decisions are made based on what is best for our children, not what is best for political parties.

Currently, Northern Ireland spends more on the school system as a whole than anywhere else in the UK. But less of this makes it through to the frontline than anywhere else. Money is tied up in over administration and the provision of partly empty buildings.

Integrated education is a key part of Alliance's plans. We believe integrated education is important because:

We will set a minimum target of 20% of children in integrated education by 2020, backed up by legislation which will make it easier to establish new integrated schools and help other schools to integrate. Our 10-point plan for Integrated Education can be read here.

Our other plans to improve education in Northern Ireland include: