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The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's cross-community party – Together, we're stronger



Alliance has been the most consistent supporter of creating democratic politics in Northern Ireland and was enthusiastic advocates of the Good Friday Agreement and then the St Andrew's Agreement Since then, Alliance has consistently supported an open, transparent and democratic politics open up in Northern Ireland. We believe that the future of Northern Ireland is best decided in Northern Ireland.

However, like any system of government, there is always room for reform. In particular, Stormont needs to be made more like other legislatures and the practice of compulsory coalition must end. Alliance has a clear plan to reform our institutions of government, which includes:

Agenda for Democracy, our proposals for reforming governance in Northern Ireland, can be read here.

We also supported the reduction in the number of councils from 26 to 11, along with strengthening their powers. We secured changes to the legislation to make sure that council meetings were recorded, seats were more fairly allocated amongst all the groups represented on the council and improving the community planning process.

We want to make sure the new councils deliver with:

Read our local government manifesto here.