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Councillor News

  • Sorcha Eastwood4
    15 March
    Alliance Castlereagh South representative Sorcha Eastwood has condemned those behind an armed robbery at a local shopping centre.

    Two masked men entered the Winemark at Carryduff Shopping Centre around 9:10pm yesterday (Thursday) before threatening a member of staff with a hammer, pushing him to the back of the store and making off with money and cigarettes.

    "I utterly condemn this incident and my thoughts are with the member of staff who went through this ordeal," said Ms Eastwood.

    "Thankfully the staff member was not injured but I hope they receive any help they need to recover from this experience.

  • David Armitage
    15 March
    Alliance Councillor David Armitage has expressed his shock after police opened a murder investigation in East Belfast.

    Two men have been arrested following the death of a man in Kyle Street this morning.

    "My condolences are with the loved ones of the deceased at what must be an extremely sad time for them," said Councillor Armitage.

    "The local community is shocked by this incident. East Belfast has seen a number of deaths in recent weeks, which have caused great distress here.

  • Danny Donnelly
    13 March
    Alliance Larne Lough representative Danny Donnelly has welcomed his party recently re-confirming its opposition to plans for underground gas storage caverns in the area.

    Danny was speaking after Alliance's recent Party Council meeting, in which a motion opposing the proposals and giving concerns about the environmental impact and public safety was backed by delegates.

    "Many questions remain unanswered about the plans for gas storage caverns and people across Mid and East Antrim are rightly concerned about what such a scheme could mean for the local area," said Danny.

    "Although Alliance has opposed this idea for many years, given how it has recently come to public prominence again, it was important to raise the matter and re-confirm our party's strong opposition, supporting a moratorium on the extraction and storage of fossil fuels in Northern Ireland given the concerns about environmental impacts and public safety.

  • Peter Lavery
    13 March

    Alliance Lurgan representative Peter Lavery has said it is vital local people participate in an ongoing consultation into the future of the Lurgan campus of Craigavon Senior High School.

    Peter was speaking after meeting the Education Authority about the potential move, which would see the school's pupils transferred to the Portadown campus from September 2020. A public consultation, which closes today, is available on the Education Authority's website.

  • Patricia O'Lynn
    12 March

    Ballymena needs positive political leadership, Alliance's Patricia O'Lynn has said, as she revealed she will be standing for the party in May's Council election.

    Patricia, who has stood for the party in the North Antrim constituency in the recent past, will contest the Ballymena district electoral area of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council in the poll on May 2. She told delegates at Alliance's recent party conference while announcing her candidacy it was a chance to showcase the positive side of the town and its increasing diversity.

    "I have been meeting with residents, listening to their concerns and the issues which really matter to them. The biggest topic raised with me by people has not been health, education or even the collapse of Stormont but rather fear - fear of an uncertain future, of a post-Brexit Northern Ireland, of sectarian violence, of unemployment, of anti-social behaviour and of paramilitaries.

    "The people of Ballymena are crying out for positive political leadership. They are demanding better and deserve better. That's why I am standing in this election, because I will work tirelessly to deliver just that. Through Alliance representation on the local Council we can create better services and help develop an integrated, inclusive Ballymena.

  • 25 February
    Alliance Armagh representative Jackie Coade has expressed her condolences following the death of a nine-year-old girl in a car crash there.

    The Hamiltonsbawn Road has been closed between Ratarnet Road and Lenalea Road following the crash this morning.

    "I am shocked and deeply saddened by this tragedy, and my deepest condolences go out to the family and loved ones of this poor girl," said Ms Coade.

    "I can only imagine the pain the family are experiencing at this time. Everyone in the community will be shocked by this news, particularly given it is such a young girl that has passed away following the crash. I hope the driver and any other passengers in the car have a swift recovery as well.

  • Stephen Farry, Connie Egan, Scott Wilson and Karen Douglas with Translink's David Graham over Park and Ride
    25 February
    Alliance Bangor West representatives have said Translink have recognised the need to tackle the problems caused by the lack of Park and Ride capacity for Bangor commuters.

    An Alliance delegation including Councillor Scott Wilson and Council candidate Connie Egan met with Translink's Service Delivery Manager David Graham to present a petition calling for action on the problem, the latest stage of their campaign to establish a new Park and Ride. The pair said it was a productive meeting.

    "This problem affects all stations on the line, but the problems at Bangor West are the most severe. The public clearly wants to a solution put in place to tackle these issues," said Scott Wilson.

    "It was a productive meeting in which it was clear Translink both take the issue seriously and recognise the need to tackle the problem by providing extra car parking spaces for those who use their trains."

    "Going by this meeting, I am hopeful we can work with Translink to find a solution which works for everyone in the local area," added Connie Egan.

  • Danny Donnelly and Robert Logan
    25 February
    All paramilitary imagery in public spaces across Mid and East Antrim needs to be removed, Alliance representatives have said.

    Alliance Councillor Robert Logan and representative Danny Donnelly, who will be standing for Alliance in the Larne Lough District Electoral Area in May's local government election, said the removal of murals, flags and other paraphernalia would help create shared spaces everyone could enjoy, pledging to bring such a motion if successful in the poll on May 2.

    "Over 20 years after the Good Friday Agreement, these paramilitary groups need to depart the stage," said Robert Logan.

    "Paramilitaries use many methods to exert their control over areas. One of those is public imagery, of which we have many displayed prominently in the Larne Lough area, and which is designed to spread fear, intimidate people and undermine the rule of law in our society.

    "While some work has been carried out on this matter, much more needs to happen. As Councillors, we have an active role to play in ensuring these groups disappear completely. Removing their public displays, whether republican or loyalist, is another step towards achieving that."

    "Other Councils have recently brought motions seeking to remove any paramilitary imagery from public spaces, particularly town centres, in order to make them welcome and inviting for all. Councils have an active role in implementing the Executive's Paramilitary Action Plan. There should be a zero tolerance approach towards paramilitaries," added Danny Donnelly.

  • Emmet20171
    22 February
    Alliance Belfast City Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown has said climate change will be prioritised by the Council, after his motion seeking a reduction in its carbon footprint was passed.

    The motion, which will establish what the carbon footprint of Belfast City Council is and identify options to reduce it, was passed at the Council's Strategic Policy and Resources Committee. A report into the issue will now come back before a full Council meeting in the near future.

    "I'm delighted this motion has passed and Belfast City Council will now make tackling climate change a priority," said Councillor McDonough-Brown, the city's Deputy Lord Mayor.

    "Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our future. As a large public organisation, Belfast City Council has to show leadership on it - the first step is to identify the Council's overall emissions and then seek ways they can be reduced.

  • Peter Lavery, Derrymore Road
    22 February
    Alliance Lurgan representative Peter Lavery has said the possibility for road accidents at a dangerous corner will be reduced after he successfully lobbied for warning posts to be installed.

    Raising the concerns of a local constituent with Transport NI over a bend with a steep drop-off on Derrymore Road close to Loughview Estate, Peter said the organisation has now confirmed they will be putting marker posts at the location in the near future. He added it was a welcome move.

    "During a recent survey carried out by Alliance in the local area, I spoke to a resident concerned about the lack of warning signs at a corner on the Derrymore Road, close to Loughview Estate," he said.

    "Following representations to Transport NI, they have agreed on the need for signage warning drivers and have now confirmed to me marker posts will be erected at the location and I encourage them to ensure they are there as soon as possible.

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