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Councillor News

  • Nuala McAllister20171
    3 PM Thursday

    Alliance Councillor for North Belfast, Nuala McAllister, has said the vandalism carried out at York Street railway station is unacceptable.

    Councillor McAllister said: "This mindless vandalism is totally unacceptable in our community. Damaging public property places further financial burdens on already stretched budgets.

  • Kate Nicholl
    last Friday

    Alliance Councillor Kate Nicholl has said city centre regeneration has hit a brick wall, after Belfast City Councillors failed to back proposals set to extend Sunday opening hours.

    Speaking after the meeting, Kate said she was 'extremely frustrated' the proposal had fallen at the first hurdle, including the Alliance Party's plans to see Sunday opening extended to Belfast City centre only.

  • Muir
    last Monday

    Alliance Westminster candidate for North Down, Councillor Andrew Muir, has urged voters to use their vote positively and reject scaremongering on June 8.

    Councillor Muir said: "This election will be one of the most important for generations. The next government will have the vital task of ensuring the Brexit negotiations deliver the best possible deal for Northern Ireland and the UK generally"

  • Jackie Coade1
    7 May
    Alliance Newry and Armagh Westminster candidate Jackie Coade has said she hopes the loved ones of Seamus Ruddy can find peace now, after remains were found in a search for his body in France.

    Although formal identification is still to take place, it is believed the discovery by the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains is of Mr Ruddy. The Newry man was murdered and buried near Rouen in 1985 by the INLA, and became one of the Disappeared.

    "If these remains are indeed identified as Seamus Ruddy, then I hope it will bring some peace to his loved ones," said Ms Coade.

    "They will be able to give him a proper burial and mourn in order to bring them the closure they need.

    "The issue of the Disappeared is one of the most shameful aspects of the Troubles. We must not forget several families continue to suffer without the knowledge of the whereabouts of their loved ones' remains.

    "I would encourage in the strongest terms anyone with information regarding the location of any of the bodies of the Disappeared to get in touch with the police or the Independent Commission."

  • David Armitage
    2 May

    Alliance Councillor David Armitage has backed Belfast City Council plans to establish a forum aimed at addressing the critical issues of mental health and drug and alcohol addiction support services.

    Speaking at the latest Belfast City Council meeting on Tuesday night, Councillor Armitage said it was an important discussion to be had, as mental health issues can affect all demographics.

    2 May

    Alliance Councillor Michael Long has said he's disappointed at the last ditch attempts of Unionist Councillors to block a planned language policy going out for consultation.

    After attempts by the DUP to take the plans back to committee, Councillor Long said language should be inclusive and welcoming, with the strategy showcasing Belfast's diverse nature on a wider platform.

  • Aaron McIntyre
    2 May

    Alliance Lagan Valley Westminster candidate Aaron McIntyre has said the lack of a local agreement on posters in the constituency is disappointing, after the DUP put up its posters in the area without attempting to discuss the matter with other parties.

    It follows an agreement between the main parties for March's Assembly election, which saw no posters until the day before the election, when they were placed around polling stations.

    "The recent no-poster agreement in Lagan Valley in the Assembly election received a positive response from the people of the constituency. As a result, Alliance was open to negotiations to participate in a similar agreement for this campaign," he said.

    "It is therefore disappointing the DUP decided to go ahead and place their posters up already throughout Lagan Valley. The expensive boards for posters have now been ordered, so we are past the point of no return and unfortunately we will be unable to have an agreement this time.

    "This proves our point that local agreements on posters do not last. It is vital we have a functioning Assembly able to pass legislation which either limits posters or bans them altogether for future elections."
  • 23 April
    Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said those behind a bomb placed outside a primary school in North Belfast do not represent the vast majority of the local community.

    Councillor McAllister was speaking after the device was discovered outside Holy Cross Boys' Primary School in Ardoyne in the early hours of Sunday by a passing police patrol. PSNI say the bomb was sizeable and an attempt by dissident republicans to kill officers.

    "Those who placed this bomb not only in the heart of the community but outside the gates of a primary school do not represent the vast majority of people in this area, who want to get on with their lives in peace.

    "I utterly condemn this incident, which was targeted at police but could have just as easily injured a member of the public, or even worse. Pupils are due to return to school tomorrow after the Easter break - if the PSNI did not find this device, I dread to think what may have happened.

    "I encourage anyone with information on this to contact police immediately."

  • Nuala McAllister20171
    21 April

    Plans for a stained glass window to celebrate Belfast's LGBT community has moved closer reality, Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said, after the next step in the process was confirmed on Friday morning.

    The North Belfast Councillor - and next Lord Mayor of Belfast - welcomed the steps being taking to consult a wide-range of people, including Councillors from other parties, representatives from the LGBT sector and the initial proposer Councillor Mary Ellen Campbell, the first openly gay Deputy Mayor.

  • Emmet20174
    13 April

    Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown has said a planning committee decision to defer a decision on plans for a controversial office block in the gasworks will give more time for community engagement.

    Councillor McDonough Brown said that while the gasworks has the potential for further development, this must only be undertaken through open and honest consultation channels with local residents, with social housing being made a priority to meet demand in the local area.

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