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Prime Minister comments show why Northern Ireland needs Special Status, says Farry

January 8, 2017 4:37 PM

Alliance Deputy Leader and Brexit spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA has said comments by the Prime Minister prioritising borders and immigration over economic issues shows the pressing need for Special Status for Northern Ireland.

Dr Farry said Theresa May's comments were "muddled and wishful thinking" and showed how vital it was for the Executive to agree a plan in the wake of any Brexit.

"The direction of travel is foolhardy. It is clearly not in the economic and social interests of the UK as a whole, and Northern Ireland's interests especially, for the UK to leave either the Single Market or the Customs Union.

"To continue to place the primary emphasis on taking control of border and immigration, and expect there can be a beneficial economic outcome is both wishful and muddled thinking. There is no logic in compromising the economic relationship with our largest and nearest trading partner.

"These comments once again highlight the dangers of a hard Brexit to Northern Ireland and reinforce the imperative of the Executive having a proper plan to argue for special arrangements being put in place for us. The window of opportunity to do this will close in the near future and the current impasse around the RHI scandal is not helping."

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